Bioenergy and Sustainable Technology

Students in this 15-credit program will earn a graduate-level certificate in Bioenergy and Sustainable Technology. This program is interdisciplinary and includes course-work in the following core areas:

  • Bioprocessing/Conversion
  • Feedstocks
  • Sustainability

Students have the option to earn a generalist or specialist certificate.

Generalist students take three overview courses in order to achieve an understanding and appreciation for the broad implications of a biobased economy and will gain the ability to communicate, interact and collaborate in this area. Generalist students also select two additional courses to obtain a knowledge base in a specific discipline within the field.

Specialist students are expected to take the two overview courses outside of their area of specialization to ensure that they have a broad-based understanding of the field, and then are expected to take three highly-specialized courses in their area of focus so they are prepared to work as scientists, engineers and other specialized professionals in the field.

Certificate titles vary by institution. Consult each institution for the certificate title as it will appear on the diploma.


Students select one university to be their "home institution", this is the university to which you apply, enroll and pay tuition. Students must meet the admissions requirements of the home institution. Contact the Campus Coordinator at the institution you wish to call "home" for more information.

University of Arkansas Diana Bisbee
Kansas State University Susan Miller
Oklahoma State University Mary Ellen Givens
South Dakota State University Theresa Ireland


Course Matrix

Review degree or certificate requirements and plan your courses for future semesters.

Course Information

Information regarding program courses, including descriptions, contacts, and textbooks.