Students seeking to gain knowledge and enhance their skill set in Horticulture have the opportunity to earn a graduate-level certificate through AG*IDEA. The Horticulture program offers three 12-credit certificates in the following areas:

Advanced Horticulture
The certificate in Advanced Horticulture provides students with the basic knowledge and skills required to master advanced practices and principles in horticulture. The program provides courses that cover a broad overview of horticultural production including nursery, greenhouse, and edible food crop production as well as coursework in horticultural business management. Production courses are balanced with basic coursework in plant physiology, nutrition, and irrigation science to provide students with an excellent foundation for a horticultural management position, teaching, or graduate school.

Floriculture and Nursery Management
The Floriculture and Nursery Management certificate focuses on the science behind the production of ornamental herbaceous and woody plants. The production-oriented certificate also focuses on coursework in plant nutrition and physiology as well as business and pest management to develop students' knowledge of plant function during crop production.

Ornamentals, Landscape and Turf
The Ornamentals, Landscape and Turf certificate allows students to concentrate post-baccalaureate coursework in the area of the best management practices used in the green industry for home landscapes, business parks, golf courses, municipal parks and similar areas. This professional practice-oriented certificate includes coursework in irrigation, plant nutrition and plant response to environmental conditions as well as plant identification and selection.

These certificates offer students the means for a seamless transition from undergraduate courses to graduate-level courses, and they enable students to earn a graduate certificate without pursing a complete Master of Science degree.

Certificate titles vary by institution. Consult each institution for the certificate title as it will appear on the diploma.


Students select one university to be their "home institution", this is the university to which you apply, enroll and pay tuition. Students must meet the admissions requirements of the home institution. Contact the Campus Coordinator at the institution you wish to call "home" for more information.

Kansas State University Rachel Ohmes
University of Nebraska-Lincoln Diane Wasser
North Carolina State University Julie Holder
Texas Tech University Taylor Wright


Course Matrix

Review degree or certificate requirements and plan your courses for future semesters.

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Information regarding program courses, including descriptions, contacts, and textbooks.

Learning Management Systems

Students use the Learning Mangaement System at the teaching university. Contact the campus coordinator for more information.

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