Quantitative Genetics and Genomics in Animal Sciences

Diminishing numbers of faculty in the area of animal breeding and genetics have reduced opportunities for specialized coursework that would prepare future scholars in the field. Existing faculty must often focus on addressing basic content, limiting their ability to offer specialized instruction that could serve to develop higher-level skills and knowledge in their students. As a result, graduate students in this field are often not able to access necessary curricula that would build their own expertise and abilities in animal breeding and genetics.

Develop your skills and knowledge in animal breeding and genetics through graduate level coursework provided by partnering institutions renowned for expertise in this area. Specialized courses are delivered online, offering flexible learning opportunities to supplement and enhance your existing program of study. The curriculum was developed, and courses initially offered, through support of the USDA-NIFA Higher Education Challenge Grants Program (2007-38411-18112; 2011-38411-30551).

Certificate and course titles vary by institution. Consult each institution for the certificate title as it will appear on the diploma.


Students select one university to be their "home institution", this is the university to which you apply, enroll and pay tuition. Students must meet the admissions requirements of the home institution. Contact the Campus Coordinator at the institution you wish to call "home" for more information.

Colorado State University Gayle Roslund
Iowa State University Michelle Zander
University of Georgia Dana Nash
Kansas State University Rachel Ohmes
University of Nebraska-Lincoln Diane Wasser
North Carolina State University Julie Holder


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Colorado State University
Iowa State University
Kansas State University
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